6 Best Electric SUVs and Crossovers

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Editor’s Note: This article first appeared on EV Life, a new web platform that makes it absurdly easy to save thousands on an electric car!
Let’s face it. Americans are obsessed with SUVs and crossovers, which make up around 40% of all vehicles sold in the U.S. In addition to the mounting costs of gasoline, our love of SUVs is also costing the planet in terms of carbon emitted by sports utility vehicles (compared to more efficient sedans and hybrids.)

Fortunately, most major car makers are introducing a new class of cost-competitive electric SUVs that promise to save the planet while saving you thousands of dollars at the pump each year.

Here are the 6 best electric SUVs and crossovers in 2019, priced high to low.

Luxury Electric SUVs and Crossovers

#3 Jaguar I-Pace – Electric Crossover

Jaguar I-PACE Global Drive, Portugal, 2018

Jaguar’s move into the electric vehicle space is exciting to see. The I-Pace ranks slightly behind Tesla and Audi in the luxury electric SUV rankings.  However, coming in at a lower price point, it still may be worth a test drive.

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Price After Incentives$61,200
Estimated Incentives*$8,300
Electric Range234 miles
Level 2 Charging (240V)12 hr 50 min
Miles per 30 Mins of DC Fast Charging57 miles
Battery Size90 kWh
Fuel efficiency**76 MPGe

#2 Audi e-tron – Electric SUV

Audi EV

Designed to go toe-to-toe with Tesla’s Model X, the e-tron is Audi’s first luxury electric SUV.  In fact, Edmunds gives the e-tron 8.4/10 stars (the same rating as the Tesla Model X). The lower MSRP plus up to $8,300 in rebates and incentives make it even more attractive.  With its recent $12 billion investment in EVs, expect more new electric vehicles from Audi in the coming years. 

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Price After Incentives$66,500
Estimated Incentives*$8,300
Electric Range204 miles
Level 2 Charging (240V)12 hr 20 min
Miles per 30 Mins of DC Fast Charging54 miles
Battery Size95 kWh
Fuel efficiency**74 MPGe

#1 Tesla Model X – Electric SUV

Tesla Model X

The Model X is the clear incumbent when it comes to luxury electric SUVs.  It also screams “luxury” with the highest price tag in its class. Additionally, because Tesla has sold over 200,000 electric vehicles, it no longer qualifies for the $7,500 federal tax credit, putting it at a price disadvantage versus the competing cars below.

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Price After Incentives$80,200
Estimated Incentives*$800
Electric Range239 miles
Level 2 Charging (240V)12 hr 60 min
Miles per 30 Mins of DC Fast Charging64 miles
Battery Size100 kWh
Fuel efficiency**85 MPGe

Electric SUVs and Crossovers under $30,000

#3 Kia Soul – Electric Crossover

Kia Soul

The Soul is the low-cost leader in affordability, especially when you factor in up to $10,300 in rebates and tax incentives.  However, it’s 111 mile battery range is limited compared to other options in the electric SUV category.

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Price After Incentives$23,650
Estimated Incentives*$10,300
Electric Range111 miles
Level 2 Charging (240V)~ 4 hr 35 min
DC Fast Charging36 mins
Battery Size30 kWh
Fuel efficiency**108 MPGe

#2 Hyundai Kona – Electric SUV

Hyundai Car over bridge

Hyundai’s first electric SUV goes the distance on battery range, with a category leading 258 miles per charge.  Test driving is a must for anyone looking for an electric SUV under $30k.

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Price After Incentives$27,195
Estimated Incentives*$10,300
Electric Range258 miles
Level 2 Charging (240V)9 hours
Miles per 30 Mins of DC Fast Charging89 miles
Battery Size64 kWh
Fuel efficiency**120 MPGe

#1 Kia Niro EV – Electric Crossover

2019 Niro EV
2019 Niro EV

With a 8.3/10 stars, Edmunds rates the Niro EV the #1 electric vehicle for all of 2019.  For the price point, 239 miles of electric range is hard to beat.  The vehicle is also very roomy compared to the Kona. Take it for a test drive today!

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Price After Incentives$28,200
Estimated Incentives*$10,300
Electric Range239 miles
Level 2 Charging (240V)~ 8 hr 55 min
DC Fast Charging77 mins
Battery Size64 kWh
Fuel efficiency**112 MPGe

* Incentives based on federal, state, and local incentives for residents of San Francisco, California.  Use EV Life’s Incentive Finder to personalize your incentives.

** Miles per gallon equivalent. 1 MPGe = 1 mi / 33.7 kWh

This article was originally published on EV Life.

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