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We are very excited to announce our new partnership with Wallbox, a leading EV charging hardware manufacturer. Together, we will increase charging accessibility and choice for EV drivers all over the U.S.

Read below to learn how!

A Charging Conundrum

The U.S. saw a nearly 69% increase in the purchase of plug-in vehicles between February 2021 and February 2022. These new drivers, as well as existing EV drivers, will need access to reliable charging options that fit their budget and lifestyle. As we shared in a recent blog post, in the U.S. today, there are already over 100 EVs on the road for every available fast charger.

We have a charging problem, and it’s growing.

In fact, EVmatch was specifically launched to address the lack of reliable and convenient charging options for renters and apartment dwellers—which has historically been a major barrier to EV adoption.

A Partnership to Supercharge Accessibility

Our new partnership with Wallbox will further amplify our efforts to make charging easy, reliable, and accessible to all by combining EVmatch’s flexible sharing software with open source technologies that will serve our industry at this critical moment. By working together, we will unlock new charging locations for drivers, hardware choices for property owners, and flexibility across the industry.

Specifically, the Wallbox partnership involves an integration with its Pulsar Plus Level 2 home and commercial charging stations, which communicate with EVmatch software using Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP)—an application protocol for communication between EV charging station hardware and software management systems.

This partnership offers a unique opportunity for Wallbox to bring its interoperable, OCPP-enabled hardware directly into the hands of more charging hosts and drivers in the U.S. through EVmatch’s sharing and charging management platform.

The durable, compact, and affordable Wallbox Pulsar Plus is available for sale directly through EVmatch and is a great choice for homeowners, vacation rental owners, apartments, and business owners alike. With load sharing capabilities, EVmatch’s group management features, and payments processing, the Pulsar Plus is a great choice for properties that want to invest in a flexible solution that can be scaled up as EV charging demand accelerates at their sites.

Integration Features and Details

Here are some key benefits of our integration with the Wallbox Pulsar Plus:

  • The Pulsar Plus is cost-competitive EV charging hardware designed for versatile use, including commercial, multi-family, and residential applications.
  • A 48A (11.5 kW) version is available, which is being demanded by more property owners and EV drivers so that they can charge faster.
  • The Pulsar Plus offers power-sharing capability, so properties with limited electrical capacity can still install a large number of chargers that dynamically share power,  reducing the need for costly service panel upgrades.
  • The Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP)-enabled hardware provides flexibility to charger owners who are not locked in and can choose their preferred software management provider. Learn more about Open Charge Point Protocol.

All of these elements are democratizing the installation and operation of EV chargers, increasing accessibility and choice!

And how do the unique features offered by EVmatch come into play?

  • Hosts can easily connect their chargers to EVmatch via OCPP for access control, payment processing, and more. 
  • EVmatch’s commercial and vacation rental software subscriptions offer a host dashboard to monitor Pulsar Plus charging station status, review and download charging session data, and track earnings.
  • This new integration opens up even more chargers for public use through EVmatch’s public network. More residential hosts are joining because they can connect new or existing Wallbox Pulsar Plus chargers for access control and security features. Commercial hosts have the option to set higher prices for public access and earn additional revenue by sharing chargers with neighbors and community members.

EVmatch partners that are currently offering the Wallbox Pulsar Plus + EVmatch solution to customers include:

We hope that this partnership helps pave the way for further innovation in the EV charging industry that will allow EV adoption and charging to become fully accessible to drivers, home or multi-unit dwelling owners, and small and medium-sized business owners.

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