How to Attract Guests and Earn Extra Money with Electric Vehicle Charging at Your Vacation Rental Property

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The U.S. economy is experiencing two significant shifts. First, more and more travelers are ditching hotels and using private accommodation rental services like Airbnb and VRBO – with the U.S. market alone valued at over $36.6B as of 2018. Meanwhile, more consumers are buying electric vehicles (EVs) instead of traditional gas-powered vehicles, led by astounding Tesla sales and popularity.

So what does this mean exactly?

Vacation rental owners have a unique opportunity to generate new revenue streams by installing charging so EV drivers can find and use lodging accommodations and fueling stations in the same place.

Some early Tesla adopters earned free supercharging for life, but at the end of the day, nothing is easier or more convenient than fueling your car while you sleep (think plugging in your phone before you go to bed). It’s as if vacation rentals and electric vehicles were made to pair, like berries and cream. The only thing missing is the actual charging station – like the mixer needed to whip the cream.

To finish the analogy: vacation rental owners should install chargers at their properties to attract customers – especially Tesla Model 3 owners who aren’t lucky enough to have free charging for life – so everyone can enjoy their fluffy whipped cream dolloped over a bowl of berries. Oh and did we mention: the Tesla Model 3 was the best selling luxury vehicle in the U.S. in 2018?

So how can you cash in as an in-demand fueling station for the growing number of EV drivers? Use EVmatch.

EVmatch has a turnkey solution for property owners and managers so you can attract high-value, green-minded guests and earn extra income as a fueling station. Just like Airbnb and VRBO, EVmatch harnesses the power of the sharing economy with a peer-to-peer EV charging network



Here’s how it works. Homeowners and businesses share their chargers – or install chargers to share – on the EVmatch app by creating a host listing. Then EV drivers can easily find, reserve, and pay for a charging session, all with a few quick clicks on their mobile device or computer. Guests can even reserve chargers in advance, an added benefit that will appeal to your prospective guests as they plan trips.

Vacation Rental owner hosting a charger on EVmatch

During the off-season or when your guests don’t need the charger, you can rent it out to the public to earn extra money and support zero emissions vehicles. Thanks to the ease of the EVmatch app and reservations feature, it’s a cinch to rent out your charger even if you’re out of town. Simply manage reservations online or with the app, and watch your wallet fill up.

On top of adding a new revenue stream, vacation rental owners will help cut harmful greenhouse gas emissions by making travel by electric vehicle more reliable and convenient. Check out EVmatch to start earning money and cutting emissions today. 

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