How To Put Your Home EVmatch Charger Listing On PlugShare

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One of the best ways to promote your EVmatch Host Listing(s) is on PlugShare – the platform that aggregates public charging locations. You’ll find a whole new audience of EV drivers ready to pay to use your charger as long as you link your unique EVmatch host listing URL in your PlugShare listing. Follow the instructions below to set it up.

Steps for cross-listing your charging station on PlugShare:

1. Create a Plugshare account.

2. Click ‘Add Station’ then ‘Share Home Charger’.

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3. Add your hosting address, then select ‘MOVE PIN TO ADDRESS’. If you want to offset your listing like it is on EVmatch for privacy, you can shift the pin a bit on the map then select ‘SET ADDRESS TO PIN’.

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4. Login to your EVmatch account and go to ‘MY LISTINGS’. Retrieve your unique hosting URL by clicking ‘View as Public’.

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5. Copy your unique URL on the next page.

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6. Under ‘Description’ on PlugShare, copy and paste the text below, and feel free to add any additional information. Be sure to substitute your unique EVmatch hosting URL at the end: This charging station can be reserved through or the EVmatch iOS or Android apps. See specific pricing and book this station at<<listing_id>>

7. Select the appropriate plug type to match your EVmatch listing. 

8. Enter the correct hours of availability to match your EVmatch listing. If your charger is available 24/7, you can select that as well.

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9. Click ‘Submit’ and, voila, you’re all done!

If you have multiple EVmatch listings, you can put them all on PlugShare! You will need to find the EVmatch URL for each listing (note that they are all unique). You can do this by repeating steps 4 and 5 from above. To avoid overlapping pins on the PlugShare map, you can offset the pin of your listings a bit, then select ‘SET ADDRESS TO PIN’.

If you need help listing your EVmatch charger on PlugShare, drop us a line at

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