Selecting Level 2 EV Charging Management Software to Enhance Utilization and Profitability

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Management Software Makes Shared Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Accessible, Reliable, and Profitable

Paving the Way for Sustainable Transportation

In the era of rapid technological advancement and the growing emphasis on sustainable transportation, electric vehicles (EVs) have emerged as a promising solution to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change. As the adoption of EVs continue to rise steadily in the US and worldwide, the charging infrastructure supporting these electric vehicles must evolve accordingly. One critical component of this infrastructure is the Level 2 electric vehicle charging station, which adds about 25-45 miles of range per hour, and the charging management software that enables a variety of management controls and payment features. Adding EV charging management software to a Level 2 charging station makes the hardware itself more valuable to property owners, EV drivers, and even the electric grid. EV charging management software enables a variety of features - all aimed at ensuring that a charging station investment is both profitable for the charging station owner and useful, accessible, and fairly-priced for drivers.

EVmatch is a robust, flexible, and affordable software provider in the Level 2 EV charging industry. EVmatch’s software is especially suited for Level 2 charging management in shared spaces, such as apartments and workplaces, and has features specially designed to increase public access and utilization. Additionally, EVmatch partners with the most affordable and reliable EV charging hardware manufacturers, including Enel X Way, Wallbox, and Autel, to offer one of the most cost-effective and accessible smart charging solutions on the market.

Read more to learn more about important software features to consider when selecting a Level 2 charging provider and feel free to reach out to the EVmatch team with any questions.

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Efficient Charging Management

Ensuring Fairness and Optimization

EV charging management software is crucial for managing the charging process efficiently and fairly. With software controls, Level 2 charging stations can now serve multiple users and user-types simultaneously, each with different charging needs and preferences. Software orchestrates the allocation of power among these users, ensuring efficient charge times and reducing the need for costly building system upgrades. When looking for a software provider, be sure to select an option with dynamic pricing models, such as EVmatch, which incentivizes off-peak charging to reduce electricity costs and optimize utilization of renewable electricity sources.

Enhanced User Experience

Streamlined Reservations and Group Management

Moreover, software enhances the EV driver experience and accessibility. For shared charging systems, options typically include a first come, first served approach, a queuing system, or a reservation system. EVmatch is one of a few select providers to offer reservations, a critical feature for effective EV charging in apartments and shared spaces.

With the EVmatch app, EV drivers can easily locate, reserve, and pay for charging sessions at Level 2 stations. Advanced features such as reservations and group management enable EV drivers to plan ahead, ensuring a charging spot is available when needed. Advanced reservations help to reduce “range anxiety,” a commonly cited barrier to EV purchases - especially among renters and apartment-dwellers. Select groups of EV drivers, such as residents, employees, fleet vehicles, or event attendees, can even receive unique operability and pricing from the charging station host through the EVmatch app. For charging stations hosts, features for each custom group, such as access schedules and reservation restrictions, are easy to manage with the use of software access codes.

Energy Load Management

Balancing Supply and Demand

Software also plays a vital role in EV charging grid integration and demand management. By communicating with each EV charger, charging station software can adjust charging power availability based on electrical panel capacity and energy demand. Property owners should inquire about load-balancing capabilities of EV charging software, as it can help to reduce costly installation and electrical infrastructure costs. The dynamic load management features from EVmatch help mitigate strain on electrical infrastructure and can support owners in installing significantly more chargers to satisfy demand from drivers.

Data Analytics and Optimization

Insights for Maintenance and Reliability

Another critical aspect where software shines is in data analytics and optimization. By collecting and analyzing charging data, EV charging management software can identify usage patterns, peak demand periods, and performance trends. Data-driven decision-making facilitates predictive maintenance, minimizing downtime and ensuring reliable operation of charging stations. It also helps owners anticipate when more EV charging stations need to be added to satisfy demand or increase revenue. Further, when charging station statistics are shared with governments and utilities (with proper data sharing authorizations), these insights help decision-makers expand infrastructure strategically and tailor incentives and services to meet evolving customer needs.

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Shaping a Cleaner, Greener Future

At the EV driver, property, and community level, the importance of software in Level 2 electric vehicle charging systems cannot be overstated. From managing charging processes and enhancing user experience, to optimizing grid integration, software serves as the backbone of efficient, reliable, and sustainable EV charging infrastructure. As we continue to transition towards fully electrified transportation, investments in robust software solutions that increase access and utilization, including features such as reservations and group management, will be instrumental in shaping a cleaner, greener future for generations to come.

To learn more about EV charging management software or to discuss your unique software needs, reach out to a member of the EVmatch team here.

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