The EVmatch Adapter Will Transform And Unify The Way You Monitor And Control Level 2 EV Chargers

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You may have seen the announcement earlier this month about our partnership with Argonne National Laboratories and the subsequent summer release of the EVmatch Adapter, a brand new piece of hardware that we’re very excited to share with our community and customers.

Whether you’ve been following along, or this is your first time hearing the news, we’ve got some great updates for you. Let’s start with the basics.

What Is The EVmatch Adapter And Why Are We Excited About It?

The EVmatch Adapter is a Wi-Fi enabled device that allows Level 2 charging station operators to get the most out of their electric vehicle (EV) chargers, regardless of the make and model. The interoperable adapter retrofits any J-1772 Level 2 charging station, and thus, makes it smart by enabling internet connectivity. This connectivity allows operators to enjoy the amazing perks of managed EV charging such as remote metering, monitoring, and control of EV charging sessions, just to name a few.

EV Match adapter

As shown above, the plug-and-play EVmatch Adapter connects to a charging cable and then plugs directly into an EV. The adapter is then connected to a local Wi-Fi network or cellular Wi-Fi hotspot. Along with enabling real-time control and metering, this simple connection empowers users to leverage data through an enterprise dashboard. Using the EVmatch Adapter, electric utilities, commercial property owners, grid service providers, and even residential homeowners are able to eliminate compatibility gaps, create new revenue streams, reduce operating costs, and better integrate their electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) with renewable energy sources.

“We are thrilled to partner with Argonne to bring the EVmatch Adapter to market and support increased interoperability of EV charging assets, increase the profitability of charging station infrastructure investments, and reduce barriers to participation in behind-the-meter grid service programs,” said Heather Hochrein, Founder and CEO of EVmatch. “This exclusive license from Argonne supports EVmatch in achieving its vision of a distributed, equitable, and carbon-free energy economy.”

Use Cases And Core Capabilities Of The EVmatch Adapter

There are many impactful use cases for the EVmatch Adapter ranging from frequency regulation, to the optimization of non-networked chargers, to electricity submetering and load aggregation for grid services, to the collection of data for environmental credits. Some of the capabilities listed below enable the adapter’s wide array of aforementioned use cases.

  • Interoperability with SAE J1772™, also known as J Plugs or Type 1 Connectors
  • Real-time control over EV charging
    • Enable or start a session
    • Disable or stop a session
    • Increase or decrease charge rate
  • Real-time charge monitoring
    • Charge session analytics
    • PEV and EVSE SAE J1772™ signals
  • Real-time charge metering
    • Real, reactive, apparent power, and energy
    • Voltage, current, frequency, power factor
  • Access control
    • Allow specific drivers to utilize a station at a specific time
  • Billing based on time or energy used
  • Load control for third-party load balancing

Opportunities To Pair The EVmatch Adapter With EVmatch’s Existing Software

EVmatch software is currently compatible with Enel X and Wallbox chargers, but the EVmatch Adapter creates a new layer of interoperability that makes our software accessible regardless of the make and model of one’s charging stations. That means access to features that enable charging station owners and operators to do things like:

  • Process payments from drivers.
  • Provide shared public access to charging stations.
  • Allow drivers to view a schedule of availability and make reservations.
  • Create groups to manage availability, session duration, and cost for different user types.
  • Enable load control and demand response programming.

In short, the EVmatch Adapter allows users to bring their own device (BYOD) to the charging party and still have access to the benefits of our software’s core features.

Pre-order The EVmatch Adapter, Or Partner With Us In A Pilot Program

EVmatch has secured a 10-year, exclusive license from the patent owner, Argonne National Laboratories, to commercialize the EVmatch Adapter. You can now pre-order the adapter in our online store, and it will become available in limited quantities to begin shipping between late summer and fall of 2023.

Our first pilot program, focused on frequency regulation, will be in partnership with an east coast utility company. We are actively exploring additional partnership opportunities with companies who would like to participate in our first round of deployment. Interested? Let’s chat! Fill out the form to let us know who you are and what ideas you may have in mind when it comes to utilizing the EVmatch Adapter. We’ll reach out shortly thereafter to schedule some time to chat.

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