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In states like California and Colorado, it’s a no-brainer to install a home solar system. Even with the upfront costs, home solar provides a strong ROI and energy resilience amid unpredictable electricity rate hikes and natural disasters. Additionally, you can save 26% on your solar system thanks to the federal solar tax credit.

Wondering where to start? We know it’s hard to cut through all the noise so you can find the right information about going solar. Here are some of the best solar companies and resources to help you get started.

Top Solar Resources

Solar Estimate

Solar-Estimate is the go-to website to quickly calculate your personalized home solar cost and savings. Initially developed in partnership with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), the Solar-Estimate calculator uses solar energy data produced by NREL, pulls from a database with every utility’s unique rate structure, takes into account federal, state and local solar tax credits, and uses the average current solar prices offered by solar providers near you for the cost assumptions. Check them out here.

Energy Sage

Energy Sage is a leading solar resource for prospective solar customers. You can quickly compare competing solar quotes from multiple installers and save what you learn in your personal account. The Energy Sage platform aggregates multiple solar quotes for you, calculates the financial merits of each offer, and then presents them back to you in an easy-to-understand format. Their mission is to make going solar as easy as booking a flight online.

Top Pick – National Solar Provider


Sunrun is the leading national home solar provider serving over 20 states and territories. They offer prospective solar customers an easy-to-follow solar guide, custom solar designs, and the industry-leading guarantee that includes a bumper-to-bumper solar system warranty.

For a limited time, EVmatch is offering $250 cashback to California customers who purchase a qualifying solar system from Sunrun. Solar customers can lease a system so you pay $0 upfront! With the federal solar tax credit still available to home solar customers, now is a great time to get a quote from Sunrun.

Top Picks – Local Solar Providers

Santa Barbara Area

Brighten Solar Co.

With a focus on efficiency, aesthetics, and customer service, Brighten Solar Co. in Santa Barbara, California is doing solar differently. They are on a mission to integrate smart energy with homes or businesses by working with each customer’s unique electricity needs, design preferences, and budget. Brighten Solar also offers financing options like $0 down solar loans and third-party financing including operating leases. Learn more about installing solar with Brighten Solar here.

Energy Construction Services

Energy Construction Services serves customers in Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San Luis Obispo counties. With the motto, “Improving the relationship between buildings and energy,” Energy Construction is on a mission to enable its customers to produce and store clean and reliable energy. They are experts on residential and commercial solar system design and installation, along with implementation of battery storage technology and energy efficiency retrofits.

Los Angeles Area

Green Water And Power

Green Water and Power was named a top solar installer in 2016 and continues to provide excellent service so customers can reduce their electric bill and help protect the environment. Founded in LA by Danny Gold, veteran solar installer, Green Water and Power now serves Arizona, New York City, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, and California. Along with solar services, they also help their clients reduce energy needs with energy-efficient lighting and other energy-saving products.

San Francisco Bay Area

Your Energy Solutions

Rated as a top solar installer on Yelp, Your Energy Solutions serves the San Francisco Bay Area as well as other parts of California. Customers choose Your Energy Solutions because they offer the industry-leading 25 year production guarantee and workmanship warranty, they see the entire process through, from design and engineering to permitting and installation, and they use 100% in-house labor.

GRID Alternatives

Founded in 2001, Grid Alternatives is a non-profit solar organization that serves as a leading voice in low-income solar policy, serving families throughout California, Colorado, the Mid-Atlantic region, and tribal communities nationwide. Their Energy For All Program offers single-family, multifamily, and community solar installation services along with project development and technical assistance. Additionally, they offer multiple levels of workforce development and service learning opportunities, from volunteerism to in-depth solar training and paid internships.


Northeast United States

Apex Solar

Apex Solar provides solar services in 7 northeast states including New York, New Jersey, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. The company was rated by Solar Power World as the 2017 #1 Rooftop Solar Contractor in New York. Along with solar services, Apex Solar also offers EV charging installation services and is a reseller of the Tesla Powerwall and other storage batteries.


Namaste Solar

Serving the Boulder-Denver area of Colorado, Namaste Solar is a highly rated residential and commercial solar installer. They are a local, employee-owned, Certified B Corporation using business as a force for good and measuring success by the benefits they create for their customers, employees, community, and the environment. Get started today with a free quote!

Ecology Solar

Denver-based Ecology Solar serves Colorado’s front range with residential, multi-dwelling, and commercial solar, along with EV charging installations. Their mission is to help customers reduce their environmental impact and make substantive action against climate change. If a private home solar system isn’t the right fit for a customer, Ecology Solar will help them find an alternative like community solar, all in an effort to fight climate change.

Already have solar? Let us know about your experience.

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