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Efforts to protect the planet and curb climate change are on the rise across the globe. Many nations are deploying electric mobility initiatives to increase clean energy transportation. Not only do these initiatives help to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, they also improve urban health conditions. Wondering what everyone around the world is doing to accelerate EV driving? We’ve got you covered:


The Nissan LEAF, BMWi3, Renault Zoe are among the best selling EVs in Norway. The price of a Nissan LEAF is around $30,680 with a range of 107 miles.

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Last year, Norway reached 100,000 EV drivers out of a population of 5.2 million. Now, 1 out of every 4 cars sold in Norway plugs in for power. With plans to reach 100% zero-emissions by 2025, the country hopes to power all forms of transportation with electric batteries and hydrogen fuel cells. More impressively, Norway aims to have zero-net growth in car use by 2030. How can they accomplish such an ambitious goal? With strong government incentives like free toll roads, tax exemptions, and free parking, plus the help of the Norway National Transport Plan.


The best selling EV in China is the BYD Tang with a price of $48,000 (CNY 300,000) and a range of 50 miles.

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China is also aggressively driving the adoption of EVs in order to address air quality problems and decrease the nation’s dependence on foreign oil. Shanghai aims to electrify 70% of its vehicles by 2025, and Beijing will require 8% of all vehicles manufactured to be electric. Not to mention, the government has subsidized 300,000 charging stations to ease charging access within cities for EV drivers. There are also strong individual incentives for the purchase of an electric vehicle. Although China’s homegrown cars have not yet gone international, the country sees the EV industry as a road to international prominence and prestige.


The top 2 best selling EVs in India are the Mahindra e-20 Plus ( price: ~$8,181 or 5.46 lakh, range: 87 miles) and the Mahindra e-Verito (price: ~$14,231, range: 68 miles).

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As an emerging leader in renewable energy, India is predicted to surpass its Paris climate goals three years ahead of the set date. The country continues to enact eco-friendly initiatives like electric mobility by offering consumers the ability to purchase an EV with no down payment. India aims to put 6–7 million electric and hybrid vehicles on the road by 2020 and to fully electrify its entire fleet of vehicles by 2030. The country will also offer an estimated $2.2 billion over 5 years in subsidies for EV buyers to spur desired growth.


Netherland’s all-time best selling EV is the Mitsubishi Outlander PEV (price: $47,490, range: 33 miles).

Mitsubishi Outlander PEV

Netherlands has been an early advocate for EV technology and represents one of the largest markets for EVs in Europe. With help of E-load to bring more electric charging points across the country and the development of necessary infrastructure, a continued increase in EV sales is expected. The country also has government incentives in place like road tax exemptions and registration tax reductions to generate more EV sales.

With attractive government incentives and large investments in charging infrastructure, countries are pushing us to invest in a cleaner and healthier way of transportation. Curious about more electric mobility initiatives around the world? Learn more here about the Top Ten Electric Car Initiatives Globally.

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