Vacation Rental EV Charging: EVmatch Is Here to Help!

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Vacation rental EV charging is an amenity that is becoming increasingly attractive for a growing number of travelers. Summer is just around the corner, and if you own a vacation rental, it will likely be busier in the coming months. Learn more about how EVmatch can help you easily add this amenity to your vacation or short-term rental to attract more guests and earn additional revenue!

As an early adopter of electric vehicles, I remember the stress of planning trips with family and friends and calculating whether we could get to a public charger with our car’s modest range.

Ten years ago, public charging was not so easy to find, especially in more remote areas. We would find ourselves bringing huge extension cords and trickle charging our car from a 110 volt outlet in our cabin, only to gain a handful of miles overnight.

With more and more EVs on the road every day, and no doubt many planning to travel with their EVs this summer, we’ve received a lot of requests from our EVmatch community to make vacation rental EV charging more accessible and available—we are in the business of increasing accessibility to this resource, after all!

Whether you advertise your property on Airbnb, Vrbo,, or another short-term rental platform, adding an EV charger is an essential amenity to attract more guests. In fact, most of these platforms now allow travelers to filter their results to identify rentals that offer EV charging.

In fact, according to Newsweek, 500,000 Airbnb guests searched for “EV chargers” in host listings in the second half of 2021 alone.

Additionally, a recent survey of nearly 1,600 JuiceBox EV charger customers conducted by Enel X found that a staggering 81% of respondents shared that access to Level 2 EV charging influences their travel plans and decisions.

If you are a vacation or short-term rental owner looking to show up in search results, attract more guests, and invest in clean energy options, you should definitely consider investing in EV charging for your property—and soon.

Fortunately, you can now do this easily with EVmatch.

Vacation Rental EV Charging with EVmatch

Why purchase and list your vacation rental charger through EVmatch?

We Work With Affordable & Durable Hardware: Install a durable and weather-proof charger(shop compatible chargers here), and ask us about a pre-qualified electrical installer if you need help.

Automatic Payments: You set the charge price and guests pay via the EVmatch app. You will receive direct deposits monthly through our app. 

Reservation System: The reservation system allows guests to plan out their charging in advance, while the “Charge Now” feature provides guests a way to pay for charging on the spot.

Control Chargers Remotely: Control your charger remotely and use EVmatch’s optional public access and groups features to earn even more revenue from neighbors and community members. You set availability and access rights that fit your needs.

Ready to get started? We make it easy:

1. Buy a compatible smart charger. EVmatch software works with the Enel X JuiceBox and the Wallbox Pulsar Plus.

2. Sign up for EVmatch and create a commercial listing.

3. Pay your software subscription by choosing the Annual Vacation Rental Subscription.

4. Add your listing’s custom URL to your vacation rental website and welcome guide so guests know that you offer this valuable amenity.

5. Start attracting more guests and earning more revenue!

Learn more about our new vacation rental offerings here. If you have any questions, a member of our staff will be happy to answer them.

Here’s to a future where EV drivers can plan fun, relaxing trips, near or far, without a hint of range anxiety. Happy travels!


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